Open 7am - 2:30pm


  • Sunrise Select┬«

    An entire pot of our premium, full-flavored coffee - freshly brewed just for you. Regular or Decaf

  • Herbal Teas

    A selection of hot organic herbal teas.

  • Hot Chocolate

  • Low-fat Milk

    Small or Large.

  • 100% Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice

    Small or Large.

  • Other Juices

    Apple, Grapefruit, Cranberry and V8® (Small or Large)

  • Fresh-Brewed Iced Tea

    Fresh- brewed throughout the day using only all-natural, long-leaf tea. Regular or lightly sweetened Iced Green Tea (free refills).

  • San Pellegrino┬« Sparkling Water

  • Soft Drinks

    (free refills)

The nutrition information provided is for a standard portion size of only the specific entrée.