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5 Things That Make Honey so Sweet

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The holidays are upon us. And to celebrate, we are introducing a new limited time menu that features some amazing dishes and juices. Our seasonal juice is Red Medicine. It contains pomegranate, cranberry, black tea, cinnamon and local honey. We named it Red Medicine because of the natural benefits of each ingredient ….especially honey. At First Watch we always source local honey. It’s just one of the ways we support the people who continue to support us.

Because we LOVE honey so much, we wanted to share a few little-known facts that make it so sweet.

  1. The Three A’s: Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidants

Today, people use honey for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Many of the compounds found in honey have been linked to reducing the risk of heart disease and promoting eye health.

  1. Honey as a bandage? Yes!

Way before modern medicine, there was honey. It was often used as a natural bandage to protect against infection because bacteria has a tough time surviving in it.

  1. Money = Honey

Back in the 11th century, honey was a high-valued commodity. Lords would have their peasants make payments to them in honey. Unfortunately, we don’t accept honey as payment, but for $3.99 our Red Medicine is a sweet deal.

  1. Bees Make A LOT of Honey.

A typical bee hive can produce 30 – 100 pounds of honey per year!

  1. The Honey Bee Waggle

Red Medicine 0027 RGBWhen Honey Bees return to the hive to tell the other bees where the flowers are they do a little dance. It’s not the Electric Slide, but it is called the “waggle”. The pattern the bees dance in shows how far away the flowers are to other bees.  You may do a little dance of your own once you try Red Medicine.

Now through January, you can sip on a Red Medicine juice and think about all you learned here today. Check out our other specials at http://www.firstwatch.com/menu/seasonal.

Red Medicine is not available in Tampa area locations.

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