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A fresh bite of Summer

A fresh bite of Summer Image

This season, when you visit your favorite First Watch, you’ll find a new summer menu full of flavors that’ll make your mouth water and your stomach grumble. But if you know First Watch, you know these new craveable creations aren’t just any ol’ breakfast dishes.

Quality is a crucial ingredient in everything we do. That’s why our seasonal menus are carefully crafted by Chef Shane and his culinary team, so you can be confident in the quality and peak-season flavor of the fresh brunch in front of you.

At First Watch, we follow the sun

Throughout the year, every seasonal dish and fresh piece of produce that comes through our kitchen door is intentional and deeply inspired by the position of the sun. That’s why during these early summer months, we’re bringing more than 50 whole watermelons from south Florida into every First Watch restaurant, before following peak season as it shifts to source the juicy summer fruit from Georgia and Texas. So when we juice the seasonal staple each morning for our new Watermelon Wakeup juice, you can savor the sweet ripeness in every sip.

And when you bite into the tender, sweet yellow corn from the Midwest, roasted in-house and sprinkled throughout our Elote Mexican Street Corn Hash , you’ll experience an explosion of flavors from the peak season veggie. After all, it’s called summer sweet corn for a reason! But it’s not only our summer dishes that are full of fresh seasonal produce from where it grows best – You’ll find California’s peak summer Hass avocados throughout our menu this time of year, and when the sun shifts south, we’ll follow the season to source the best of these buttery superfoods. We take this same approach every season, for every piece of exceptional produce in our restaurants because, well, we think you deserve only the best!

Dig into the exceptional seasonal ingredients on our summer menu at your neighborhood First Watch* between now and August 15.

*Not available in the Tampa Bay Area

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