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A difference you can see and taste.

It’s no secret that here at First Watch, family is a priority. That’s why we operate from only 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. – so our employees can spend precious time with their families. It’s also why we are proud to partner with family-owned businesses like Compart Family Farms.

Duroc famFor four generations, the Compart family has taken pride in farming. What initially started as a 4-H project has grown into one of the largest family-owned swine businesses in the Midwest. The Comparts have always believed in doing what is right and never cutting corners. The Compart Duroc premium pork label is the result of the family’s commitment and superior product produced on the Compart Family Farms.

When it comes to pork, it all starts with the right breed. The Black Angus breed of cattle is well-known for its superior quality, and the same is true of the Duroc breed for pork. Durocs are red pigs with drooping ears. The history of the breed dates back to Columbus, who brought red hogs to America during his second voyage. Hernando DeSoto also brought red hogs to this country, presumed to have come from Spain and Portugal.

The breed has become the sire of choice to the American farmer. Compart Duroc hogs are bred, born and raised on small farms where family members are involved in the day-to-day management of their stock. The hogs are raised in comfortable, low-stress, environmentally stable facilities, which makes for a superior meat quality.

A Compart Family Farms all-natural, Applewood-smoked bone-in Duroc pork chop griddled and topped with housemade apple compote. Served with two basted cage-free eggs and Bob’s Red Mill Cheddar grits.

During the Fall, our customers will have the chance to taste our new Heritage Pork Chop & Eggs breakfast, made with Compart Family Farms all-natural, Applewood-smoked bone-in Duroc pork chop.

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