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Easter Weekend Cravings

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It’s Easter weekend, and that means that we’ll be partying it up, brunch style. Sunday will be busy at First Watch and pretty much every other brunch spot in your town. So if you haven’t downloaded the First Watch app to help you beat the crowd, or if you’re the kind of foodie that likes to stay at home in your pajamas all day, we’re here for you!

Easter is one of my favorite food holidays. Like on Thanksgiving and Christmas, lamb and ham seem to dominate the traditional family dinner, along with some chocolate bunnies and fresh baked pies for dessert. But when it comes to Easter brunch, our cookbook, Yeah, It’s Fresh, is loaded with sweet and savory treats for you to create the best brunch on the block, in your PJs!

Here’s what I’d recommend –

Rainbow Toast (one serving)


    • 1 piece brioche bread, sliced thick
    • 3 tablespoons whipped ricotta cheese
    • ¼ cup fresh strawberries, quartered
    • ¼ cup fresh mango, diced
    • ¼ cup fresh blackberries and blueberries
    • 2 tablespoons First Watch granola (sold by the bag in our restaurants!)
    • Local honey


  1. Toast brioche.
  2. Slice toast vertically into 3 pieces and spread evenly with whipped ricotta.
  3. Place toast on the center of a plate, making sure to retain shape.
  4. Using a spoon, carefully lay strawberries in a horizontal line across the top of the toast.
  5. Repeat with the diced mango, below the strawberries, then with the blackberries and blueberries below the mango.
  6. Sprinkle granola over the top of the toast, then drizzle evenly with honey and serve immediately.

MillionDollarBacon2Pair this colorful, sweet dish with eggs, any style! Our cookbook has a fantastic guide on our favorite ways to cook an egg so it turns out perfect every time. And of course, I can pair anything with Million Dollar Bacon too (another great First Watch cookbook recipe!), but that’s just me.

Whatever you’re celebrating this month, we hope you get to enjoy time with those you love over a great meal. I know I will.


– Chef Shane

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