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If you’ve been around for a while, you’ve probably heard us say, “We love you more than bacon.” It’s not just a fun catch phrase or a quick Tweet – We really mean it. You see, every day, we wake up early and serve breakfast, brunch and lunch to our awesome customers from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and we think we’re pretty good at it. But more importantly, we’re in the people business. Without our staff and our customers, we would have nobody to make our fresh food, and nobody to eat it!

We talked about our You First philosophy in an earlier blog post, referring to the importance of putting people first. When it comes to our employees that means offering the support they need to grow, both personally and professionally, which is why we offer a number of educational benefits to all of our team members at First Watch.

High School Diploma Program
We believe in our employees, and we think it’s important to offer them a second chance at their education. That’s why we offer to pay 100% of our employees’ tuition to Career Online High School, so they can earn an accredited high school diploma using a computer or tablet.

Everyone Gets Graduate Support (EGGS) Program
YOU get graduation support, and YOU get graduate support! EGGS is our tuition reimbursement program for collegiate education. Our team members’ reimbursement amount depends on how long they are enrolled in the program, but it varies from 75 cents per hour worked through $2 per hour worked. That can add up to $1,700 per school year!

Argosy University Discount
For First Watch employees, we provide a 25% discount on all degree programs (on campus or online) through Argosy University. The university offers a total of 35 graduate and undergraduate degree programs, from AA and BS to MBA, DBA and more. Our team members can use the EGGS tuition reimbursement in addition to this discount for added savings!

The Learning Experience Discount
We understand the importance of childhood education too, and some of the hardships of being a working parent. That’s why we now offer a 10% discount on child care, along with waived extended care fees, at The Learning Experience, which operates about 200 child care centers in 20 states. Nine out of 10 preschoolers at The Learning Experience are reading before they reach Kindergarten!

So now you know it’s true – We love our team members more than bacon! We are proud to support their educational goals, and we love watching them grow, face challenges, and ultimately succeed. Stay tuned into our blog for more on our benefit programs at First Watch!

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