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The Flavor of Huila Coffee

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Some people take their coffee black, others may take it with two creams and two sugars (Canadians call that a “double-double”), but how do we take our coffee? The answer is – seriously.

That’s why our Project Sunrise coffee is so important to us. If you’ve been following along on our blog, you know that the Mujeres en Café of Huila, Colombia, are the force behind this special cup of coffee but, if you haven’t been into First Watch lately, you might not know a crucial aspect of our brew. It tastes really darn good. But what does that mean?

Just like a sommelier would sip and describe a fine wine, coffee tasters are trained to do just that with a freshly roasted brew. This process is called “cupping” and it begins with sniffing the coffee and assessing the aroma. It is then followed by loudly slurping the coffee so that it spreads all the way to the back of the tongue where every aspect of taste can be measured.

After sampling coffee from around the world, Chef Shane was inspired by the rich, smooth flavor profile of Huila coffee.

But the roasting process isn’t the only thing that imparts flavor. There are many factors contributing to the nuances of coffee, like altitude, climate, soil, and farming practices – simply traveling a few miles from farm to farm can lead you to entirely different beans. That’s why our team participated in many cuppings with beans from all over the world before finally finding the flavor profile we were looking for in the mountains of Huila.

The beans from Huila, which are of the Arabica species, reveal a rich and smooth coffee with notes of blackberry, toasted nuts and caramel. The honey-like sweetness is subtle and met with a slight acidity that keeps the crisp flavor well-balanced with absolutely no bitterness. So, a cup of Project Sunrise pairs perfectly with our food, but it also tastes great on its own because whether you drink coffee at home, on-the-go, or with your favorite breakfast, brunch or lunch, when it’s good, it can change your whole day.

At First Watch, we want every day to start with “Good Morning” even if it takes a couple cups of Project Sunrise to get you there. There’s a reason we serve a bottomless cup, after all.

And now you can bring our award-winning Project Sunrise coffee home with you. Get it today from your local First Watch or find it on Amazon.

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