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Huila on the Horizon

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Last year, we filled our hearts and our coffee cups in Huila, Colombia. As it turns out, there is always room for more – more friendships with the female coffee growers and their communities, more knowledge about the environmental impact of coffee farming, and, yes, more coffee.

Traveling to the mountainous coffee farms that Project Sunrise calls home is not a simple task. Once our team arrives in Colombia, the trip has only just begun. Many winding bus rides, open-air lodgings and long hikes are required to reach our destination, but we’ve learned that the journey is always part of the reward.

Huila, here we go again!


Our return trip to Huila is an exciting opportunity to not only follow up on our first Project Sunrise journey but to also expand on it. That’s why we’re looking forward to meeting more Mujeres en Café and forging partnerships with them as well. Many of these female coffee growers are the sole providers for their families and important fixtures of their communities. By paying them a premium price for the beans they harvest, it is our goal to help them continue to grow their businesses so the entire community thrives.

Beyond a thriving local community, First Watch and the Mujeres en Café share a concern for communities on a global level. This trip will allow us to put our heads together for ways to lessen the environmental impact of coffee production. The Mujeres are proud of their recycling programs and, like we mentioned a few posts back, by using burlap bags we lessen our carbon footprint greatly. But there is always more that can be learned.

Our quest to support education will also lead us back to the local school, where we hope to reconnect with the amazing students we previously met and connect with those we haven’t. There’s more exciting news about our relationship with the school to come, so hold that thought!

As you know by now, Project Sunrise is so much more than coffee. If you’ve had a cup, you also know the coffee is worth the trip. Huila and the Mujeres en Café have given us so much. We are looking forward to giving back, strengthening our partnerships and, of course, drinking great coffee with new friends.

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