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International Women’s Day

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At First Watch, we love a special occasion and International Women’s Day is a big one. It’s a great day to celebrate the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women all around the world. And we’re especially proud to celebrate the many women who help keep First Watch, well, fresh – the servers, line cooks, managers, executives and, of course, farmers. 

We’re dedicated to supporting all women in the international coffee community through our continuing partnership with the International Women’s Coffee Alliance, which empowers women to achieve meaningful and sustainable lives. And it’s no secret that we celebrate the women coffee farmers behind Project Sunrise 365 days a year. Actually, 366 days during a leap year! But March 8th gives us an extra opportunity to shine an even brighter spotlight on these inspiring farmers.

The Mujeres en Café, or Women in Coffee, behind Project Sunrise have built their businesses and supported their families, often serving as the head of their household, despite seemingly insurmountable odds. The civil conflicts that spread through Colombia for decades left behind devastating and lasting effects. But the Mujeres en Café stood together and spearheaded efforts to sustain their communities, fund and run local schools for the children, and of course build and maintain their coffee farming businesses. We’re proud to partner with them, to pay them a premium price for their premium product and to encourage their success through additional efforts and donations. 

While International Women’s Day is a great day to celebrate success, it is also an important day to reflect on the daily challenges women still face and to advocate for equality and action. We’re humbled by the opportunity to provide a platform for our partners and teammates and we will continue to do so, on March 8th and year-round.

We hope you spend International Women’s Day listening to and sharing stories of pride, success and support. Maybe over a cup of Project Sunrise coffee? 

Check out womenincoffee.org to learn more about the achievements and goals of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance.

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