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Introducing the Mujeres en Café!

Introducing the Mujeres en Café! Image

Our new Project Sunrise coffee does more than just jump-start your day. It also uplifts the lives of those who grow it.

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While we were in Colombia, the Mujeres en Café graciously invited us into their homes and their lives.

As you know by now, we source our new coffee from the Huila (“Wee-luh”) region of southwest Colombia. It comes from groups of female coffee farmers, many of whom were left widowed as a result of the civil war in Colombia that started in the 1960s and reached a resolution only in 2016.

But the members of the local coffee associations have banded together not only to advance their methods of growing coffee, but to bring much-needed improvements – schools, clean water, medical services and other essentials – to their communities. As the heads of their households, the Mujeres en Café know that growing coffee can help provide a future for their children, their children’s children, and so on. Their dedication to the art of coffee growing is inspiring but their commitment to the betterment of their communities is truly uplifting.

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The women we met are proud of the coffee they grow, the homes they keep, and the work they do every day.

That’s why we pay a premium price for Project Sunrise coffee. It’s more than serving the finest single-origin coffee on the planet; it’s an investment in the future of the planet. We thank you for helping us create a sustainable agricultural legacy that will serve generations to come.

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