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If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that quality is kind of our thing. We strive to offer only the highest quality ingredients, hire the most amazing people, and partner with growers, suppliers and brands that we’re proud to stand by. So… What does that have to do with bagels?

OK – let’s rewind.

  • 1983: First Watch is born.
  • 2014: Chef Shane joins the family and starts to add some totally rad seasonal dishes, fresh juices, so many other things. We drool just thinking about ‘em!
  • 2020: COVID-19 hits, we temporarily close most of our restaurants, and when we reopen, Chef Shane is bursting at the seams to introduce the best of the best seasonal dishes to welcome our customers back.

Now that we’re all caught up… We’re so excited to introduce (drumroll please…) our new Loaded Smoked Salmon Bagel! This isn’t just any bagel and lox situation – We’re talking a toasted New York everything bagel (made in da’ Bronx), topped with scallion cream cheese, sliced cucumber, tomato, Wild Alaska Smoked Sockeye Salmon, house-picked red onions and lemon-dressed arugula.

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We know what you’re thinking… First Watch has bagels now?! We know, we know. But these aren’t just any bagels! We’ve partnered with Just Bagels to bring you the highest quality authentic New York bagel that Chef Shane could find, and believe us – he’s been looking!

Just Bagels are all natural and vegan, with no high fructose corn syrup and no trans fats. They’re made the old-fashioned way, extended proofed, with added malt and molasses, before being boiled in New York water (a key ingredient!) in a facility in the Bronx that’s been recognized for superior food safety practices.

But don’t take our word for it! Stop by your local First Watch before August 30th to enjoy our new Loaded Smoked Salmon Bagel, along with the rest of our Summer dishes!

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