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Learning to Wag

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When we arrived in Huila, Colombia for our second visit to the home of our Project Sunrise coffee beans, we knew we were there to learn more. That is always our mission. Isn’t it everyone’s?

On our first trip, we were introduced to the Mujeres en Café, who taught us about their coffee growing process along with the culture behind it. And every cup of coffee we have enjoyed since has been sipped with the utmost appreciation for those who made it possible.

On this trip, we wanted more of that. More friendships with the women coffee growers of Huila, more information about the farming process and the land the coffee is grown on, more learning. And we are certainly excited to share more of the knowledge we gathered—but first—let’s talk about dogs.

Yes, dogs.

We met countless friendly, four-legged, friends on our journey in Colombia. It seemed everywhere we went had its own canine mascot. Most of these dogs roam the area without much hindrance, as they are truly members of the community. And like the people of Huila, these pups warmly welcomed us into their neighborhoods.

The benevolence of those we met in Huila, be it canine or human, was transformative. Smiles and wags greeted us at every turn. And while we cannot necessarily wag our tails in return, we can, and should always, reflect that sentiment in whatever way possible.

And since that sort of kindness is contagious, it’s our turn to pass it on to you. Consider these photos of our new Colombian dog pals your invitation to wag more and to share your happiness with those around you.

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