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Meet the Mujeres: Hernencia Nogera

Meet the Mujeres: Hernencia Nogera Image


Between touring the farms, harvesting beans, and dining on tasty local fare with the talented female coffee growers of Huila, we sat and chatted about what their coffee business means to
them. And with 15 years of experience, Hernencia Nogera had plenty to share.

From planting to harvesting, Hernencia is an expert when it comes to coffee farming, so who better to ask: Why Huila? What makes this region of Colombia different from all the rest? The question brought a smile to her face.

“The soil here is very good for coffee production, but it could also be the people,” she said, “who every day are working hard to get better at producing very good coffee.”

We couldn’t agree more. We watched the Mujeres en Café as they went about their daily routines, helping each other along the way. They laughed and smiled while they worked. Their families joined them in the fields. And they made sure we were completely involved in the process, patiently teaching us every step of the way.

The Mujeres en Café are proud of what they do and it shows in what they produce. Hernencia told us that their pride comes from a long line of hard workers. From generation to generation, BLOG 2. FIRST WATCH AND HERNENCIAlife as a coffee farmer begins with children helping their elders and then becoming the elders and the cycle continues. Hernencia believes that this legacy is what makes their coffee so unique. It’s in their blood.

This respect for tradition is part of what drew us to the Mujeres en Café. We feel incredibly honored to contribute to that tradition. And now that you’ve met Hernencia, in a way, she would say you are a part of it, too. Welcome to the Project Sunrise family!

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