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Meet the Mujeres: Ana Lucía Urbano Peña

Meet the Mujeres: Ana Lucía Urbano Peña Image
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Ana Lucía Urbano Peña

There is something special about coffee that lends to storytelling. When we want to catch up with a friend, we might suggest grabbing a cup of coffee, right? It’s a great centerpiece for conversation. It’s nostalgic and comforting. Even those that don’t drink coffee (who??) probably have memories spurred by the aroma. But Project Sunrise isn’t just about the conversation that surrounds a cup of coffee. It’s about the stories behind the beans too. Every coffee cherry that is picked for Project Sunrise is grown and harvested by real, inspiring women with stories of their own. It has been an honor to hear those unique stories from the Mujeres en Café on our visits back to Huila.

On our most recent trip, we sat down with Ana Lucía Urbano Peña, one of our talented Project Sunrise partners. She has served in a leadership position with her local coffee associations for 8 years, but she wasn’t always so sure of her path. When Ana Lucía and her husband divorced after 30 years, she considered giving up the farm. With six kids to raise, she didn’t think she had much of a choice. But when we asked how she surmounted the odds, she told us, “I love my country. I love growing coffee. Thanks to my children, I got the strength and fortitude to continue on.” And now, Ana Lucía is running a successful business of her own while putting all of her children through school. We’re extremely proud to partner with her. And we’re proud to introduce her to you now. 

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