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Meet the Mujeres: Deryi Pujol Gaviria

Meet the Mujeres: Deryi Pujol Gaviria Image

At First Watch, we have always believed that coffee and community go hand-in-hand. That’s why, when you order coffee with your Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch, we bring you an entire pot. We want you to know you’re welcome here. Sure, it’s not your house, but while you are here, it should feel like home. When we found our Project Sunrise coffee in Huila, Colombia, it was the Mujeres en Café that gave us that same feeling. Getting to know our partners as friends was an honor and now, introducing them to you, is another exciting part of the journey.

Deryi Pujol Gaviria, one of the incredible women behind Project Sunrise coffee, is more than a talented farmer. She’s an inspiring leader and gifted educator. Like most of the Mujeres en Café, Deryi was born into a long line of coffee farmers. And while she grew up learning her family’s trade, she was also educating herself beyond the farm, leading her to university and back. Now, along with harvesting coffee, Deryi serves as the principal of the local school in San Adolfo, which we are proud to invest in through the Mujeres en Café.

So many of the students in San Adolfo follow a path similar to Deryi’s, as they also assist with their family farms between classes. Despite the hardships in the area – such as searching for a permanent school building and access to school supplies – Deryi hopes her students will be accepted to university and bring those skills back to their hometown, not unlike she did.

It’s inspiring to see Deryi and the Mujeres en Café lead by example and we’re happy to share that inspiration with you, our community, now.

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