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Meet the Mujeres: Nigunalicha Huelgo

Meet the Mujeres: Nigunalicha Huelgo Image

BLOG 1. Nigunalicha Huelgo

We were honored to get to know the Mujeres en Café (“Women in Coffee”) on our Project Sunrise journey in Huila, Colombia. Now, we are honored to introduce them to you. First up is Nigunalicha Huelgo, the treasurer of her local organization of coffee farmers. Nigunalicha has been growing coffee for about five years, and while it is definitely hard work, it’s a job she approaches with great enthusiasm.

“We work passionately in the fields to produce a product that people will enjoy,” Nigunalicha told us. “We work with pleasure and love.”

The dedication shows itself in the quality of the coffee, right down to its taste in the cup. But with the Mujeres en Café, it’s also a matter of character and camaraderie.

BLOG 1. NIGUANLICHA HUELGO 2In our conversation with Nigunalicha, we quickly realized that she answered our questions with “we” and “us”, never “I.” There was something so selfless and proud in the way she referred to the coffee that she and the Mujeres en Café produce. Not only did she call the female farmers sisters, she referred to the coffee as precious and sacred. It’s that connection between the product and the people that go to the very heart of Project Sunrise.

Before we got back to learning the ropes of coffee picking, Nigunalicha left us with one final thought: “We hope to continue to grow, first as women, then as businesswomen and as cultivators of a special brand of coffee,” she told us.

We feel incredibly lucky to have met Nigunalicha. And we’re proud to share with you one of the Mujeres en Café that make Project Sunrise the special coffee we are so proud to serve.

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