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Summer may officially start on June 20th, but we believe it starts whenever you enjoy the first ripe, juicy watermelon of the season.  

school bus

We’re proud to partner with some of the most dedicated and hard-working growers, like our friends Kyler and Rachel, who are eighth-generation watermelon farmers in South Florida!  

Our team had a chance to visit Kyler, Rachel and the rest of the gang at our local partner that provides much of the sweet, juicy watermelon in our seasonal Watermelon Wake-Up juice. Kyler’s family farm is 400 acres and produces more than 2 million fresh watermelons each year. Rachel and her family run the big packaging and shipping facility where Kyler’s crop ends up! 

The crew spends late springtime picking each perfectly ripe fruit. The process was fun to watch: The workers walk down each row of the field, checking the watermelons for ripeness. They cut each mature melon off the vine and flip it to reveal its yellow underbelly. Then a second group follows to load the sweet fruit onto repurposed school busses! 

When each bus fills up, it carries about 22,000 pounds of watermelon back to Rachel’s facility. That’s a lot of watermelon! 

Kyler and rachel

These modified school busses carry the sweet fruit to be measured, inspected, packaged and delivered right to the back door of our restaurant.

When the brutal summer heat sweeps across the Sunshine State, we head north to source watermelon from our friends in Georgia and the Carolinas, which become the perfect environment for growing spectacular fruit in the heat of summer. It’s important to follow the sun, to ensure we’re serving the juiciest, sweetest watermelons as the seasons change, and so you and your family can enjoy the irresistible flavor of that perfect melon all season long. 

There is just something extra magical about sinking your teeth into a perfectly ripe slice of watermelon during the high heat of summer…or sipping on a tall glass of our fresh Watermelon Wake-Up.  


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