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At First Watch, we pride ourselves on variety. There’s something on our menu for everyone, whether you’re looking for a big, savory breakfast or a light, healthy pick-me-up. We also love being able to offer low-guilt options that still taste great, which is why we’re jazzed to tell you about our new partnership with Sweet Street!

Sweet Street’s mission is to bake cleaner, more wholesome desserts, and we are so on board with that! Who doesn’t love the idea of cookies, brownies and other treats, without all the guilt?

…That’s what we thought.

Every batch of Sweet Street’s manifesto treats starts with all-butter, pure-cane-sugar and cage-free-egg cookie dough and promises ingredients that are GMO free, additive free and sustainable. They use only hormone-free dairies and creams and have removed artificial flavorings. We know what you’re thinking – clean, wholesome desserts can’t possibly taste good. We totally understand your hesitation, which is why we were sure to do lots of taste tests. Boy, was that a delicious day!

If you’ve visited a First Watch restaurant recently, you’ve probably noticed a few new additions to our check-out counter. We’ve got individually wrapped Salted Caramel Cookies, Chewy Marshmallow Bars and Honduran Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownies. Yeah, it’s dessert!

Oh yeah, and if you’ve read about our new Project Sunrise Coffee Program, you know that First Watch is passionate about supporting female farmers. That’s another thing we love about our partners at Sweet Street – They support female farmers in Honduras by baking with love and purpose. Just when you thought this partnership couldn’t get any sweeter.

Next time you swing by your local First Watch, be sure to check out our new Sweet Street sweet treats (Say that 5 times fast!) to satisfy that dessert craving after breakfast.

Or… before breakfast. We don’t judge!

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