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Wake Up and Smell Our New Coffee!

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Coffee is a big deal at First Watch. After all, we serve over 8 million cups a year so, yeah, we’re committed to doing coffee right.

That’s why we’re excited to tell you that, starting this year, we’ll be filling your cup with an even more delicious coffee than you’ve enjoyed in the past. After months and months of tasting coffee from all over the world (we might actually be caffeinated for life) and traveling to meet with coffee farmers in their fields, we’re proud to introduce you to our single origin coffee from the Huila (“Wee-luh”) region of Colombia. We call it Project Sunrise.

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Where in the world is Huila? It’s a region in the southwestern part of Colombia.


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That time Chef Shane and Senior Director of Marketing Cari Trimyer traveled to Huila.

Some coffee is meant to be enjoyed all by itself, but we were on a mission to find coffee that pairs well with our food. Our new coffee from Huila hits all the right notes. It’s rich and smooth with just a hint of sweetness that makes it an ideal accompaniment for breakfast, brunch and lunch.

But not only does our Huila coffee taste good, it does good.

We were honored to get to know the group of female farmers we partnered with on our trip to Colombia. While there, we learned to call these Women in Coffee, “Mujeres en Café.” Not only are the mujeres talented farmers, they are the heads of their households and are dedicated to creating sustainable businesses that elevate the lives of their families and improve conditions in their rural communities. They are proud to share the fruits of their labor with you. And so are we. By paying a premium price for their premium product it’s our hope that our commitment to these women will allow them to cultivate their craft while also growing an abundant life. 

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We met Hernencia Nogera on our trip to Huila. She is one of the mujeres growing our special coffee.

Together, we believe that serving better coffee helps make a better world. And we hope it gives you the energy you need to have a better day.  

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