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There are certain things we can all look forward to as the summer months arrive – That last school bell of the year, the beach towels that are wrestled out of the closet, piles of flip flops that accumulate at the door, the smell of cook-outs in the back yard and the sweet, refreshing taste of fresh watermelon. This year, our summer menu features three addicting dishes and one of our all-time favorite juices, the Summer Blush. This perfectly concocted fruity treat is made from freshly juiced pineapple, fuji apple, lemon, sugar cane, mint and most importantly – watermelon!

To create our popular Summer Blush, we partnered with the Watermelon Board, which represents over 1,500 watermelon growers, shippers and importers nationwide. Their goal is to improve the nutritional and culinary benefits of watermelon by educating people with facts and myths regarding this summertime treat!

Chef Shane had a chance to visit a watermelon farm a few years back, and he still talks about the trip as one of his favorites! He came back with so many takeaways: Did you know that a normal watermelon crop is ready to harvest in three months after planting, and they are all handpicked from a vine? Also, it’s no wonder why watermelon juice goes hand-in-hand with summer – it’s 92% water! Perfect for staying hydrated, especially in this recent heatwave! Watermelons are also loaded with vitamins A and C, are rich in important antioxidants and are low in fat and sodium, making them one of the healthier fruits.

What would summer be without the juicy, sweet taste of watermelon? Thanks to Chef Shane and the folks at the Watermelon Board who helped create our Summer Blush juice, you don’t have to find out! Make sure you stop by your local First Watch* to try this refreshing juice before our summer menu offerings retire on August 18th. See you there!

*Not available in the Tampa Bay Area – Our friends in Tampa will have a chance to enjoy our new Watermelon Wake Up juice, made from freshly juiced watermelon, pineapple, lime and mint.

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