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YOU FIRST is our mission statement. Each day, we put our employees first and strive to make them happy. They are empowered with an independence to make decisions that will help provide an exceptional experience for their customers. When our teams take pride in their work, they pay it forward to their fellow team members and our valued customers, providing an enjoyable experience for everyone who walks through our doors. In a nutshell, it’s all about the people.

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One of our core values at First Watch is to “foster a personal and professional growth for our employees.” To honor this value, we recently launched the First Watch Academy of Restaurant Management (F.A.R.M.). We established a dedicated learning space near our home office to teach new managers about our culture, history and the winning behaviors that set us apart from the competition. Throughout 2019, we will house over 250 managers for a full week of leadership development, teaching them about accountability, customer engagement, food safety and more. We believe that instilling a sense of pride in our history is the way to continued success.

As First Watch continues to grow, we’re focused on cultivating the operational excellence and philosophies that have upheld our success since 1983. We know that our corporate culture can be easily diluted over time, especially when we are growing at such a fast rate. Thankfully, our founder Ken Pendery is the one true constant. He keeps our mission of You First at the forefront of every big company decision. Mr. Pendery, who is now our Executive Chairman, presents to our managers on the opening day of each F.A.R.M. session. He personally greets our new managers and spends 2 hours telling them the First Watch story. His message is simple: “Just be kind to one-another.” It’s the You First mission we all take to heart. We feel strongly that ongoing professional development, through the achievements of the F.A.R.M., will positivity impact our retention, customer counts and profitability.

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