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Fresh Happens Here

There are plenty of ways to start your day. So, when you choose to join us for breakfast, brunch or lunch, we hope it’s because you’re craving fresh happiness...and a side of bacon, of course.

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Seasonal Menu

Change is Good

Kick off 2022 with new adventures and fresh food from our Jump Start menu. Start with brand new dishes like the Trailblazer Bowl and the Superseed Protein Pancakes, and First Watch favorites, the Carnitas Breakfast Burrito and Purple Haze.

Who is First Watch

First Things First

Every season brings change to First Watch, but our commitment to quality and sourcing exceptional ingredients never skips a beet.

Food Ethos
Local farm where First Watch sourced watermelon for their fresh seasonal juice, Watermelon Wake-Up
Our Food Ethos
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Project Sunrise coffee being processed in Huila, Columbia from women farmers
Project Sunrise
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First Watch employees gathered together, laughing
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