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First Watch is always excited to hear from our customers and other interested parties.

  • Sponsorships & Donations

    First Watch supports community events through sponsorships and in-kind donations. Submit request

  • Comments, Questions & Compliments

    Please visit the FAQs page for answers to our Frequently Asked Questions. Send us an email at comments@firstwatch.com

  • Customer Support for Online Gift Card Purchases

    (855) 576-6432

  • Corporate Offices

    First Watch Restaurants, Inc.
    8027 Cooper Creek Blvd. #103
    University Park, FL 34201


  • Press Contact

    Eleni Kouvatsos, Public Relations & Communications Manager

  • Employment

    To apply as a Server, Host, Cook, Busser, or Dishwasher visit the First Watch in your area and ask to speak to the manager.

    Employment – Management Positions

  • Franchise Inquiries

    First Watch is not currently accepting franchise requests.


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First Watch supports an accessible Internet.  If you have any questions about our accessibility features, please contact us at 941.907.9800 or comments@firstwatch.com