Fall Into the Flavors of the Season

Inspired by autumn’s crisp air and cozy vibes, our new seasonal menu puts a fresh twist on the classic flavors of fall.

New Menu Items

Ingredient Spotlight

Challah Bread: The Heart of the Croque Madame

We use Challah [haa-luh], a traditionally Jewish bread, in our Croque Madame. Challah takes 16-18 hours to make, and each fluffy, preservative-free loaf used in this seasonal dish is hand-braided by experienced bakers.

Hand-braided Challah bread

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Seasonal Menu

Savor the Flavors of Fall

Fresh is Always in Season

We are committed to bringing the freshest, most flavorful ingredients from our bakers, makers, and growers to your neighborhood First Watch.

Cheers! Friends raise glasses of fresh Pomegranate Pear Punch